Turn away your worries.

Everyone’s going through a battle just like you are. They may define theirs differently than you. They may have different struggles than you. They may be in different situations, different environments than you. Everyone on this planet has a history, has a past. Everyone has gone through good times and bad. Everyone is not perfect. Not even the ones who act, preach, or think like the righteous. They are struggling just like you. It may be a different battle, but in the end we all take our willpower to fight from the same source. We all find our strengths from the same Creator who made both you and me. We all look for the same push, drive, encouragement from the same Lord. You are fighting your own battles. As am I. But the minute you choose to judge who gets it easy, who has it hard, is the minute you lose. Just always remember, that our ways of struggling may not be the same, our process may not be identical, but we can still come together to the same Creator for strength. Over and over again. I may be different than you, but if you are my muslim brother or sister, we can both continue on the same path, and feed our soul from the same Source. That should be what unites you and me. Not the difference in difficulty levels. Not a difference in wealth or piety. But Who we both take our strength, our determination, our inspiration from will always be the same. Keep this in mind. It may help you fight your own battles, once you remember that everyone else is fighting one too.

Turn away from your worries, And entrust your affairs to the Decree. Rejoice at the good which will soon be, You will then forget what has gone by. Perhaps an issue which upsets you, Holds at its end what will gladden you. Perhaps the road will constrict, And perhaps the Decree will then expand. Indeed Allah does what He wishes, So never be the one who turns away (from Him). Allah is your beautiful source of strength, So determine things by what has elapsed by.

My words for you: "Let go of the things that hurt you. Not for others, but for Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. People around you may not see you or they may ignore you but remember you’re somebody to Allah. He created you. He never neglected you. Cheer up buttercup :)"